Lachlan Nuttall and his brothers
Based in Brisbane, Australia.
iPhone + iPad

Manowar: what doesn't kill you will make you ponder

Journey over 60 individually crafted levels that each pose a unique challenge to be unraveled

  • designed to simultaneously challenge your logic, lateral thinking and timing skills
  • universal app for iPad and iPhone
  • unlock the speed run mode and bonus stage

How to play

  • tilt the ship and tap to fire cannons
  • clear the ship to solve the puzzle


2015 Puzzle App Games of the Year Award Winner (The Famous PAGY Awards) Best Physics Puzzle - GottaSolveIt 31.12.2015


The 10 Best Puzzle Apps That You Haven’t Played in 2015 One of the best physics puzzlers ever. - Nicola Salmoria (Nontrivial Games) 28.12.2015

Manowar Review I highly recommend Manowar to puzzle game lovers 4.5/5 stars - Chedie Calayag-Cruz (PuzzleGameApp) 30.09.2015

‘Manowar’ Review - Ship For Brains In all, it’s a great little package that feels complete–and completely rewarding–so long as you don’t mind exercising the ol’ gray matter a bit. 4.5/5 stars - Nathan Reinauer (TouchArcade) 21.08.2015

IOS Review #100: Manowar A swaying ship, cannons, and a colorful assortment of cannonballs. That’s all Manowar needs to deliver a tricky and satisfying puzzle game. - Christian Valentin (IndieGameEnthusiast) 14.08.2015

Softonic’s 5 Apps You Should Try This Week (Video) … incredibly satisfying every time you solve one of its puzzles - Alex Beech (Softonic) 13.08.2015

This is what we will do with a drunken sailor … unlike some games that spike in difficulty and then return to an even keel, Manowar’s increase marks the trajectory for the rest of the game. 4/5 stars - Alex Beech (Softonic) 13.08.2015

Manowar: physics puzzle app game for iphone, ipad I’m not a fan of physics puzzle apps … However, Manowar is really outstanding. - Tom Cutrofello (GottaSolveIt) 07.08.2015

Fire the cannons in Manowar, a gorgeous puzzler I highly recommend Manowar if you’re a fan of physics-based puzzle games that look like works of art 4.5/5 stars - Christine Chan (AppAdvice) 04.08.2015

Impressive Indie-Puzzle about a ghost ship and its cannons The sinister but very impressively crafted design of the app, as well as its unusual gameplay make Manowar a genuine recommendation for puzzle lovers. - Frederick Osterhoff translated ( 03.08.2015



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Lachlan Nuttall
Design, Art + Code
Keir Nuttall