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This is the first update to Manowar and has a number of improvements. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their insights and feedback, in particular nSalmoria, PJ and onlyPhoenix.

Drag input

Drag input was really not up to standard in the original release. With this in mind the system for manual control has been redesigned.

Multiple touch is now supported, so you can simultaneously drag with one finger while firing cannons with the second. Double tap also centers the ship angle.

Also you can now visualise the angle of the ship with a guide graphic at the bottom of the screen. The guide turns red at the extreme angles required to perform certain manoeuvres and a marker appears in the center when equilibrium is reached.

Puzzle tweaks

Many levels were slightly tweaked to be easier to solve mechanically. I want the puzzle to be primarily a logical / lateral challenge, so if there was something simple I could do to make life easier - especially in the early levels - I changed the design.

New levels

G9 and G12 have been replaced with new designs to address issues with the previous levels which were too easy and too flaky respectively.


Some additional help screens were added to guide players through the new drag input controls and clear any confusion over how level skipping works.

Flying balls

Fixed a pretty major bug that allows users to make balls ‘fly’. For the sake of leaderboard parity the less said about this the better :)

Skipping Stage 3

You can now skip levels in stage 3. Players who’ve made it to the really challenging levels in Gnosis can now skip and circle back to levels rather than getting stuck and abandoning all efforts.

Thanks so much for your support. Happy playing!

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