"One of the best physics puzzlers ever." - Nontrivial Games

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Game of the Year

PAGY Award
Best Physics Puzzle

“I’ve yet to come across a puzzle-game like the new Manowar” - Frederick Osterhoff appgefahren.de

“It is beautiful, the music and sound effects are fantastic, controls are intuitive, and the gameplay is simple but challenging.” 4.5/5 stars - Christine Chan AppAdvice

“a tricky and satisfying puzzle game” - Christian Valentin IndieGameEnthusiast

“Manowar is a real find.” GenussGedaddel

Tweet “Possibly my favorite Physics puzzle app.” - Tom Cutrofello @LabMicePuzzles

Tweet “I just wanted to say that your game is beautiful and brilliant.” - Steven Lewis @marinasidesteve

“To say the puzzles can get rather difficult is a pretty big understatement, as there are some that will basically snap your brain in half.” 4.5/5 stars - Nathan Reinauer TouchArcade

“All of Manowar’s naval influences are just dressing for a fiendishly challenging game.” 4/5 stars - Alex Beech Softonic

“an unusually extreme puzzle game” - Kamurai iPhone AC

“A must try!” 4.5/5 stars - Chedie Calayag-Cruz PuzzleGameApp

“Trust me, this game is fun.” - Tom Cutrofello GottaSolveIt

Tweet “Again a superwell designed level in Manowar! Pure gold” - Roberto Canogar @RCanogar

Tweet “Superb level design and mechanics, amazing concept and captivating atmosphere. @manowargame Is simply awesome.” - mitramitra @mitrafantos

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